Free Installation

  • Control Panel w/ Battery Backup
  • Home Security
  • Keypad
  • 3 Door Contacts
  • Motion Sensor
  • Inside Siren
  • 1-year warranty

*With 3-year agreement and $99 activation

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Business Security Systems

Business Monitoring from Berley Security

Everything we have for home security is also available to protect your business.

Security Tips

Did You Know?

In a survey, 9 out of 10 convicted burglars said they would avoid a home with a security system.

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Need Better Service?

We can take over your existing monitoring service at $29.95 per month.

Security System Monitoring

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Mobile PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)

Mobile PERS

Berley Security can provide security for you and your family inside and outside of your home. Numera Libris with EverThere is the first all-in-one mobile health, wellness and personal safety solution, with the industry's most advanced fall-detection technology.

Home Entertainment Installations

Home theater Installation

A new flat screen TV just doesn't look as nice with all the wires running around it. Berley Security specializes in installing and integrating home entertainment products such as:

Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum System Installation

Indoor air pollution is one of the biggest causes of allergies. Central vacuum systems circulate air in the home through filters that remove dust, mold, pet dander, and pollen. Allergy sufferers report less nasal and eye allergy symptoms, and less trouble sleeping at night after installing a central vacuum system.

How It Works - A receptacle is placed in the garage or basement to collect dust and debris captured by the system. Tubing is installed in the walls, leading to the rooms in the building where there is a vacuum outlet. When you need to clean a room you plug a lightweight extension into the outlet and use the suction to clean the room like using a vacuum without a cord. For kitchens and hardwood floors you can even install a dustpan outlet at floor level and sweep dirt right into it.

Phone, Cable, and internet wiring

Phone, Cable and Internet Wiring

Berley Security can help you run wiring for phones, cable TV or internet. You may want to run TV, phone and internet to a new addition, or to each bedroom in the home. For commercial buildings, the availability of phone and internet lines is a necessity for today's businesses. Calling your phone or cable company will likely end up costing you more than calling our wiring specialists.